Fake CD's

There are a lot (and I do mean a lot) of what I call fake Sweet Cd's around. Quite a few of them have NO original member of Sweet on them. Some are just re-hashes of Brians "Let's Go" CD. Some are BCSweet. So be WARNED!!! The CD's listed here are ones that I know about, as well as ones that have been sent to me. Just beware what you buy. Beware of any CD that says "Featuring Brian Connolly".

If you know of or have actually bought a fake CD please send me a picture of the cover and I will place it on this page so we all know what NOT to buy.

Apparently this is very poor sound Quality. It IS the Original SWEET Again Poor sound quality.... "It's like listening to it under water"  Just Beware. Hmmm. I think we all know about this one. Thanks to Annemarie.
This is BCSweet. Best of The Sweet.jpg (5640 bytes) Considering the Picture on the front this is a rip off. Brian does not sing on this
Lets go #2.gif (70550 bytes) Lets go #3.gif (71500 bytes) The Original Sweet- Feat[1]. BC.jpg (48488 bytes)
This is Brian's "Let's Go" Album. Wig Wam Bam.jpg (54496 bytes) yep another Fake.jpg (24348 bytes)
Yup it's another turkey!.jpg (21114 bytes)